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Employee involvement
1000x 610 Investing in the community

Every employee is supported to carry out volunteering work within the community or for projects or charities registered in the UK. We provide two paid days per year per employee so that this can take place.


Volunteering opportunities include community care work; environmental work and conservation projects; fundraising for community projects or charities; and the administration of public events.


Employees who carry out volunteer work can use the skills that they have developed at work to help the community.  They also have the opportunity to acquire new skills, as well as improving their morale, physical well-being and work-life balance.


Employees can also make suggestions for developing new partnerships with organisations, or specific projects that could be initiated. These may range from long-term partnerships to short-term projects involving a small number of employees.


Linked to this we have a scheme to match fund agreed charitable donations up to an agreed threshold where an employee had taken part in a physical activity to raise money.